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Calvary’s mission is to nurture and inspire our faith community to transform lives for Christ.

5 Reasons to Support Calvary’s Mission

1. We are a connection point in San Francisco for a life of Christian faith and action

Urban and inclusive, Calvary’s ministries and programs are traditional and forward-looking.

2. We nurture and inspire

Realizing that we must be grounded in faith and fed spiritually to serve others, we learn from our pastors and each other and we open ourselves to being both comforted and challenged.

 3. We create community

Scripture tells us that people of faith are meant to live in community. To honor this call, we are an open church that is vibrant, diverse and inclusive, welcoming individuals young and old, families of all types, people at all stages and conditions of life.

 4. We transform lives for Christ

Calvary’s impact reaches far beyond the church’s doors and into the community. We prayerfully engage in the issues facing our city, nation and world in ways that are faithful to the biblical call to do justice and love mercy. We use our time, talent, and treasure to help break cycles of poverty in San Francisco.

 5. Your gifts matter

Your prayerful generosity matters because every contribution makes it possible for Calvary to do God’s work in San Francisco and beyond. The average pledge is $3,500; nearly half of all pledge commitments to Calvary are $1,300 and under.


In Their Own Words

“Our family pledges because Calvary deeply enriches our community, our own lives, and so many others. A pledge to Calvary is a building block for a better world.”
Amy Ovalle
Member since 1996


“I give to Calvary because I believe in the ministry of the church.  Calvary has wonderful Sunday services, outstanding music, and many ministries and programs that benefit the local community.  Calvary represents the hands and feet of Christ. We are a fellowship of believers from all walks of life coming together to live the life of Christ.  Calvary fosters love for each other and spreads that warmth throughout the community. I also give out of the many blessings God has given me.”
Michael Lapinsky
Member since 2004


“Being part of this congregation has enriched our lives. Its ministry in the community has helped me become more aware of injustices in the world and an advocate for social justice. Every year we make our pledge to Calvary, we push ourselves to give more.”
Jack Poindexter
Member since 2010


“Each Sunday, I learn how to be a better person. From there, I get the courage to go out into the world, and the patience to make every person count.”
Nancy Padgett
Regular Attendee & Volunteer


“I chose to attend Calvary because of the choir. For me singing is a profoundly spiritual experience and brings me closer to God more than any other form of worship. As is often said, “sing once, pray twice.”
Bonnie Halford
Member since 1982


“Our children have been involved with Calvary’s children’s ministries since they were young. Through these ministries and programs, we have met other church families who have made Calvary feel like a community in which we belong. Recently, our children have gotten involved in the children’s and youth choirs. Now they look forward to church more than ever and it has unlocked potential in them that was a surprise to all of us!  We feel fortunate to be part of a church where we all can learn, grow and enjoy the company of others.”
Brian and Daisy Gauck
Members since 2009