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Sunday Morning Seminars for Nov. 24 – Dec. 22, 2013
Facing Racism, Sexism and Homophobia

Authentic engagement with the community means not shying away from the issues of the community. When it comes to whether or not the church has been welcoming to the LGBT community the reality is that it has not been very welcoming. Can we change that?

A four-week series starting November 24 will explore how we can learn to be more welcoming and affirming to the LGBT community. We will deal with the issues in an upfront manner, not afraid to question the culture, question our assumptions about what the Bible does or doesn’t say, and question ourselves.
One of the most powerful ways of change is to hear the personal stories of those living it. Several guests will share their stories about:
– Discovering that you are a parent of a gay/lesbian child
– The long road to ordination for LGBT persons
– The struggles and joys of getting married
– Raising children in a gay or lesbian family

November 24
“The Times They Are a-Changin’ – What About the Church and Tradition?”

This introductory session will address the issue of how much and how quickly
the acceptance of homosexuality in our culture impacts the deep resistance to
change that is the church’s history. How our understanding of the nature of
homosexuality challenges centuries-old assumptions. How our modern understanding
of marriage challenges those same assumptions. How the phenomenon
of “coming out” challenges our assumptions about homosexuals.

December 8
“How ‘Coming Out’ Changes Everything”

We will hear about the experience of
those who “came out” and the affect it had on their parents and on the prospects
for being ordained. The one group of people in our culture who often are
the strongest advocates for welcoming gays and lesbians are their parents. Hear
their compelling stories. Also the journey of gays and lesbians who have “come
out” seeking ordination as ministers in the PCUSA has been fraught with delays
and opposition. But many have prevailed. Hear their compelling stories.

December 15
“What About Gay Marriage? What About the Children?”

We will hear the experiences
of those gay and lesbian couples who have wedded and have children.
Hear their stories of struggle and joy.

December 22
“But What About the Bible? – A Retake On Those Problem Verses”

Many today still assert that the Bible is really clear – God hates homosexuals.
Many today still assert that the Biblical standard for marriage is only between
one man and one woman. This session will revisit the problem texts that seem
to make these assertions. There really is a different yet legitimate reading that we
can embrace.
Sundays, 9:00 am in the Lounge.
Taught and facilitated by Rev. David Brown