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How can I give back to you, God, for all your goodness to me?
Psalm 116:12

Thank you! Your generosity makes a difference. There are 3 ways to support Calvary’s ministries and programs.


Annual Giving is an annual commitment (pledge) of financial support made in the fall for the following year. Annual giving sustains Calvary’s existing ministries and programs. Pledges are payable by December 31st, either as a lump-sum contribution or through recurring donations.


Special contributions can be given at any time to provide unrestricted support to the church wherever the need is greatest. To give now, please click here.  For additional information regarding special contributions, including restricted support please contact Robin Morjikian at robinmorjikian@calpres.org or (415) 346-3832, ext. 418.

If you are older than 70-1/2, you are eligible to make a tax-free distribution from an IRA account directly to Calvary without having to count the distribution as taxable income. A part, or all, of this donation can count toward your IRA Minimum Required Distribution. There are specific legal requirements that must be met. Always consult your own financial and tax advisers before making any gift that has tax implications.


Bequests and Other Planned Gifts: Your Legacy Begins Here

Calvary welcomes planned gifts, such as bequests, which can be made in a will or revocable trust, by designating Calvary or Calvary Foundation as the beneficiary of assets including retirement plans. If you have already included Calvary in your estate plan, please let us know.

  • If a bequest is designated to the church, the funds will be used when needed to make capital investments, or to fund special ministries or programs.
  • If a bequest is designated to the Calvary Foundation, funds are invested as an endowment with approximately 4% used annually to support and enhance the church’s mission. This provides continued income to help fund Calvary’s mission. For more information on the Calvary Foundation, please click here to go to the Calvary Foundation page.
  • If a bequest is unclear about its intentions, the funds will be deposited into Calvary’s savings and managed as described above.


If you have any questions or to discuss your contribution, please contact please contact Robin Morjikian, Director of Development and Volunteer Engagement at robinmorjikian@calpres.org or 415.346.3832, ext. 418.