Update on Valet Parking and Recent Incident

On Dec 7th a car was stolen from a congregant at our Sunday morning service. As best we can tell, it was the result of a distracted valet trying to manage a street crowded with cars being dropped off and returned at the same time. The congregant has been very gracious in dealing with this horrible disruption and the valet service has been very professional about accepting responsibility.


In assessing lessons learned and what to improve, we would like to reinforce the following:

  • Please recognize that our crowded street means that you may not be able to valet your car immediately if you arrive at a congested time; consider going around the block and arriving again. Valet service for Sunday morning starts at 9:15 am
  • Do not leave your vehicle until you get a tag from the valet, even if you are late
  • Please use the Calvary parking envelopes (which you should receive from the valet after arriving) only to make a donation to offset our parking costs, as the envelopes are meant to go into the plate. Valet gratuities (about $5-6 per hour) are included in our fixed payment to the valet service, so if you wish to give an additional tip, please do so directly to the valet without using Calvary envelopes
  • The valets will improve their discipline in using a locked key box and handing over remaining keys to our front desk after their service ends (usually between 11:45 am and 12:15 pm)
  • Calvary will improve its discipline in keeping the white zone free (or getting cars written up with SFMTA tickets) and exercising control over keys returned after valet service ends

We continue to hear overwhelmingly positive feedback about having the valet service, and we are carefully managing its costs to be no greater than our historical parking costs. Thank you for your support!