Lenten Small Group Study 2016

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Through the Wilderness: Lenten Small Groups Bible Study

February 21 – March 20

Lent is a season of preparation and devotion as we ready ourselves for the transformation of Good Friday and Easter. Many people choose to give something up or take something on during the season of Lent. Calvary invites you to mark your 2016 Lent by joining a Lenten Small Group Bible Study.

This year, we will journey together Through the Wilderness as we consider how Jesus and the Israelites were formed and transformed in the wilderness and how we are being called through the wilderness today.

We begin our Lenten Small Groups on the second Sunday of Lent, February 21, with an opening luncheon for all participants in Calvin Hall following 10 am Worship.  We will receive an introduction to the study and consider together the many meanings of “wilderness” in our faith tradition and in our culture. Then, for four weeks, we will meet together in small groups to study and mutually learn from one another on the topics of: “Tempted in the Wilderness,” “Called in the Wilderness,” “Provision in the Wilderness,” and “Praying in the Wilderness.”  We conclude our Lenten Small Group journey with a closing luncheon on Palm Sunday, March 20, in Calvin Hall following 10 am worship.

We hope you, your friends and family will join other Calvary members in this great opportunity for fellowship and faith formation. During this Lent, let us take the time to notice, walk through, and accept the wilderness of our lives, trusting that God walks with us through this experience.

All are welcome! Questions? Email Joann Lee at joannlee@calpres.org.


Sign up for the study by filing out form with your preferred study time:

We will form groups based on level of participation, aiming to provide your preferred choice of group.  Childcare provided at Calvary for Sunday groups.