Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update

We’ve had a number of members ask how the PNC search is going. 

As we noted in the update earlier this year, which shared an overview of the search steps, this is a long process and we can’t say much about specifics while we’re in it. What we can tell you is that we’ve been seeking out recommended candidates, researching, reviewing sermons, and talking to a good number of potential candidates across the country. 

It is a very time-intensive, serious process, and we are committed to taking the time to truly discern and not rush to a conclusion. God, after all, works on God’s time! 

As we’ve talked with various pastors, it has been wonderful to see the breadth of ministry gifts being used to further God’s kingdom on earth. It has also been heartening to hear that Calvary has a solid reputation among pastors and church leaders across our denomination, which aids in our process. 

So, while we can’t give a definitive timeline or many details, please know that your elected PNC members are working diligently and faithfully in the call we’ve been given to find a great new pastor and head of staff for Calvary. 

Please continue to pray for us and for the person whom God will call to lead our congregation. 

In Christ, 

Jennifer Gee, PNC Chair

PNC members: Don Bear, Will Bondurant, Erin Dress, Louise Lowry, Susan McMane, Kimberly Pate, Travis Pearson, Jack Poindexter