October 2017 Session Meeting Highlights

The following summarizes the reports, discussions and actions from the Stated Meeting of the Session of Calvary Presbyterian Church that was held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

We welcomed Jeff Hutcheson, Presbytery Pastor for Mission and Vision, who brought greetings from the 68 other congregations in the Presbytery.

Clerk’s Report: The following items were approved by Session: Minutes of the previous Session meeting and Congregational meeting, six membership changes and one baptism.

Membership as of September 2017 = 917. Average worship attendance = 312.

The Continuity Team reviewed the written summary of progress to date and a proposed action plan that had been provided to Session prior to the meeting. Jeff Hutcheson observed that it is apparent from the Continuity team document that Calvary’s mission and goals are guiding the life of this church. He offered suggestions for gathering further information about our congregation and noted that Maggi Henderson, pastor at Old First Pres and our COM (Committee on Ministry) liaison, is a good resource. After a lengthy discussion of progress to date and observations about input received, Session affirmed the continued relevance of the 2011 Mission Study and requested that the Continuity team conduct outreach to new and longtime members to gather further insights.

Stephanie Gee summarized the responses to the Sanctuary movement letter that was sent out to the congregation and noted that many of the questions raised will be answered at the 10/8 education seminar. The congregation will be encouraged to attend that seminar.
Jim Arce, chair of the Finance Team announced that the Joint Budget Team (JBT) process has started and the team will be sending out guidance and perspectives for Mission Team leaders as they prepare budget figures

David Foster, CAO, gave a financial update. Pledging income expectations of $1,250,000 are close to the budgeted amount, but below the stretch goal of $1.5 million. Operating expenses have been managed to below the budgeted amount, so as to compensate for any revenue shortfalls; however, an operating deficit is still expected to occur. Some capital expenses have been delayed also.

Greg Hausler, co-chair of the Giving Team, and Robin Morjikian, Director of Development and Volunteer Engagement, provided updates on 2018 Annual Giving: The team recommended maintaining a goal of $1.3 M for 2018. Giving Sunday will be 11/19.
Session approved a motion from the Worship & Music Team regarding either taking a free-will offering or requesting a suggested donation for the choir and orchestra concerts over the next year to help offset concert costs and that the team have discretion to designate which method to use for each concert


Education & Spiritual Formation – Adults (Fran Johns, chair)
– Have completed the fall schedule of Adult Ed classes
– Work continues on the 11/15 special event on reproductive justice, featuring Dr. Willie Parker
Education – Children’s Ministries (Laura Co, chair)
– September average attendance in programs: Playgroup 123, 2nd and 3rd Grade series 11, Sunday Studio 35
– Planning is underway for children’s programming at Mt. Hermon
Education – Youth Ministries (Zanne Mrlik, chair)
– 19 youth signed up for 2017/2018 Confirmation class. 17 completed the class last year
– Exploring a high school speaker and picking a mission partner for the 2018 Mission trip
Faith in Action (Scott Nagelson, chair)
– SF Achievers – Betsy Dodd – reported they now have 20 mentors from Calvary
– Raphael House – Melissa Koerner – needs 10-15 volunteers to help in seasonal events; one Calvary member has signed up as a long-term after school tutor
– International Mission and Refugee Assistance – Stephanie Gee – gave a Sanctuary Movement update regarding the Session request to get direct congregational feedback.
– Poverty Partner Evaluations – Betsy Dodd – to be compiled by next FIA team meeting
Fellowship – Adults (Kathie Cheatham, chair)
– Hosted the Fall Community Potluck on 9/10 for 135-140 people
– Hosted a reception on 9/17 for 125 people after the Gospel Mass Choir concert
– Mt. Hermon participation is about the same as last year, with 127 signed up, including 38 children and 8 young adults
Membership – New Members (Dale Barnes-Anderson, chair)
– Next new members class on 11/3 and 4 with Statements of Faith and introduction to the Congregation on 11/12
Membership – Nurture & Database (Ellen Champlin, chair)
– Recommended 6 members to be moved from active to inactive status due to moves and membership transfer
Worship & Music (Jennifer Miller, chair)
– Have been planning Christmas services; Advent observances will start 11/29 and go through 12/17
– Since church will be closed on Monday 12/25, no service will be held that day; will encourage members to attend a Christmas Day service at another church
– Drafted a schedule for 2018 evening services
– Provided an update on concert expenses and income

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Dress, Clerk of Session