Volunteering at Calvary

Calvary offers our community many opportunities for volunteering in the Church, in San Francisco, and globally. We often talk about the church “beyond Sunday” and we do our best to provide you with ways to help that fit your interest, personality and calendar. Call us at 415 346 3832 and we’ll connect you with the right person.

Volunteering at the Church


Calvary has a number of mission teams, all of which welcome interested members and guests to help plan and execute events and various initiatives within the church. Please contact the mission chairs for more information on how best to share your gifts of time and talent.

Worship Mission Team

The Mission of the Worship Mission Team is to celebrate and glorify God; connect with one another; inspire, nurture, and spiritually transform those who gather for worship and fellowship in the name of Christ.

  • Chancel Choir
  • Communion to the Homebound
  • Ushers

Support Mission Team

The Support Mission Team provides supportive services for the ministries and missions of Calvary. These services include the stewardship of financial resources, the support and supervision of staff, and development of a stewardship spirit in the congregation.

  • Fine Arts Mission Team
  • Green Mission Team
  • Personnel Mission Team
  • Property & Finance Mission Team
  • Annual Giving Mission Team
  • Calvary Foundation
  • Church-wide Nominating Committee

Fellowship Mission Team

The Fellowship Mission Team builds and strengthens the community that is Calvary Presbyterian Church. We seek to engage the congregation in a broad range of shared experiences that enrich and enhance their lives and faith. The Fellowship Mission Team is made up of several Caregiving Connections Mission Teams:

  • First Connections
  • Lydia Circle, Bible study
  • Mt. Hermon Mission Team
  • New Member Development
  • Senior Adults Leadership Team
  • Women of Calvary Bible study