Letter to Congregation

Dear Calvary Members and Friends,

Session has appointed a Continuity Team to develop a way forward as our Pastor and Head of Staff, John Weems, moves on to a new phase of ministry and life. Our goal is to enable Calvary to maintain the momentum we have built over the last 4 ½ years. We ask for your prayers and support as we undertake this important work. Here is an update on what we are doing:

  1. Along with the Personnel Mission Team, we are developing a staffing plan to assure that the needs of the congregation and community are met through the end of 2017. Our pastoral staff of Joann Lee and Victor Floyd will be co-leading us for the next few months, with John here till Joann returns from maternity leave in September.
  2. We are in the process of analyzing all of the many tasks our three pastors and staff have been doing in order to assess whether we need to engage temporary assistance to fill some gaps, or whether the bulk of the work can be handled through reassigning some things to others on the church staff. We invite members of the congregation to step up and assist, especially with making visits to our members in need of care, something many of you already do.
  3. The Continuity Team and Session have reviewed the Mission Study that was completed in 2011, which the Pastor Nominating Committee used as its guide in calling John to be our Pastor & Head of Staff. Attached is a summary reflecting progress that has occurred in the past several years. We are seeking your input as members and regular participants at Calvary to assure that our missional direction is solid. Clarity of our mission is critical to the decisions that will then be made by Session.
  4. Forums to receive your input will be held on August 27 at 11:30 am and on September 10 at 1 pm, immediately following the all church potluck on Homecoming Sunday. Email comments can also be directed to continuity@calpres.org. We want everyone’s voice to be heard.

While many of you would like for this process to have been completed yesterday, it is important to give everyone an opportunity to present their views so that we can discern what God is calling Calvary to be and do. Our Team, along with Session, is working as quickly as possible to get your input and move forward with a plan for the long-term future of Calvary.

With love in Christ,

– Scott Nagelson and Marion Stanton, Co-Chairs, Continuity Team

Continuity Team members: Lois Dress, Priscilla Dwyer, David Foster, Greg Hausler, Dave McDowell, Jennifer Miller, Robin Morjikian, Jack Poindexter, Randy Schroeder, Josh Stevens, John Weems.