Letter for Members and Friends

June 16, 2017

Dear Members and Friends of Calvary Presbyterian Church,

Linked at the end of this letter is a letter from Reverend John Weems that describes his decision to step down from his role as our pastor and head of staff. After talking with John about what led him to this decision, we have reluctantly accepted his decision.

We are deeply sad to share this news and know that this will be a challenging development for many of you to absorb. We also understand that each of us is called to different paths in various seasons of our lives and believe that John has been prayerful and thoughtful in how he’s come to this decision. You can read his own words in the letter that follows and he’ll share more about this in person after the service on June 18th.

As you know, we are extremely blessed to have a very strong and gifted ministerial and staff team and a highly-dedicated group of church officers. All of us are committed to keeping the momentum we have built over the past four years under John’s leadership and to building on that energy to serve God’s call for Calvary in San Francisco and beyond.

John will continue with us through the summer and we’re discussing the best timing for his departure, which is likely to be sometime in early Fall after Joann returns from her maternity leave.

While we want to move quickly to determine the right leadership structure for the future, we also want to conduct a thoughtful process and smooth transition. As such, the Session will work together with our pastors and staff as well as the Presbytery to map out next steps, and we will keep the congregation informed and engaged in the process.

We want to allow our staff to stay focused on the many vibrant ministries and programs they are leading so we ask that you direct questions about the transition to members of Session, Personnel, or John and not to Joann, Victor or other members of staff.

You can reach us at our email addresses listed below or you can call the church office, 415-346-3832, to get phone numbers as well. We are all available and willing to support you in processing this change, answering questions, and we welcome input on our path forward.

With love in Christ,


Clerk of Session, Session Elders, and Personnel Mission Team

Letter from Rev. John Weems


Clerk of Session

Lois Dress


Session Elders

James Arce

Dale Barnes-Anderson

Ellen Champlin

Kathie Cheatham

Laura Co

Priscilla Dwyer

Brian Elbogen

Stephanie Gee

Edward Higgins

Frances Johns

Joni Lachman

Janis McFarling-Welsh

Jennifer Miller

Suzanne Mrlik

Scott Nagelson

Jack Poindexter

Christina Stephens

Neal Ward


Personnel Mission Team

Chair, Priscilla Dwyer

Jennifer Gee

Warren Grawemeyer

Fred Heuser

Louise Lowry

Kristen Marsh

Dave McDowell

Margaret Nalbach

Beverly Riehm

Clerk of Session, Session Elders and the Personnel Mission Team can be emailed at info@calpres.org.