December 2017 Session Meeting Highlights

The following summarizes the reports, discussions and actions from the Stated Meeting of the Session of Calvary Presbyterian Church that was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

We welcomed Allyson McKinney Timm, who shared information about her organization, Justice Revival. The goal of the organization is to galvanize a new Christian movement for human rights in the United States.

Clerk’s Report:  The following items were approved by Session:   Minutes of the November Session meetings and 23 membership changes.  Membership as of end November 2017 = 914.

David Foster, CAO, gave a financial update. Relative to last month’s report (Oct 3) pledging income expectations of $1,250,000 remain close to, but about $50,000 short of, the amount budgeted at the start of the year. Other income from building rentals and the Foundation will be only slightly below budget. As a result, operating expenses have been reduced below their budgeted amounts, so as to compensate for the revenue shortfalls. The budgeted operating deficit is still expected to occur. Some capital expenses have also been delayed (primarily the fire alarm project, which is not a safety issue) and will reduce the amount of the deficit.

Jim Arce reported that the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) is looking hard at ways to cut expenses. Sunday morning valet parking will be eliminated effective January 2018. He noted that we will continue to offer a voucher for low-cost parking at the CPMC garage on Sunday mornings.

Members of the San Francisco Presbytery Committee on Ministry (COM); namely, Maggi Henderson, pastor at Old First and our COM liaison, and Betty Delaney, West Bay COM Co-Chair, took us through some procedural matters regarding pastor changes.

The Continuity Team provided a qualitative analysis of the conversations with new members the team had interviewed. Conversations with longer-term members are in progress. Session approved an updated timeline through March, which will be shared with the congregation as soon as possible.



Education & Spiritual Formation – Adults (Fran Johns, chair)

  • Hosted the following events:
    • On 10/29 and 11/5 – SFTS Professor Yolanda Norton for a 2 part series on Old Testament prophets
    • On 11/12 – Two members of the bipartisan Citizens Climate Lobby, who gave a presentation on climate change
    • On 11/15 – an evening event with Dr. Willie Parket in conversation with Dr. Carole Joffe, director of the UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health


Education – Children’s Ministries (Laura Co, chair)

  • October/November average attendance in programs:  Playgroup 128, Sunday Studio 21, 2nd and 3rd Grade series 6
  • Hosted the following events:
    • On 11/5 – a rooftop playground picnic
    • On 11/21 – a mom’s night out

Faith in Action (Scott Nagelson, chair)

  • Updates on Poverty Partner and other FIA teams:
    • New Door Venture – Bonnie Halford – announced that the Giving Tree will be in Calvin Hall for 4 Sundays; 9 volunteers attended resume workshop; Mock interviews will be held on 11/12
    • Boys and Girls Club – Emi Alexander/Joni Lachman –  CYA still volunteering every other week at Tenderloin Club.  Calvary children are making cards for B&G Pack a Sack. B&G kids are making decorations for Calvary Thanksgiving.
    • SF Achievers – Betsy Dodd – 7 volunteers are doing lunch twice per week at Burton and Wallenberg HS.  1/10 is a party at LinkedIn HQ.
    • Raphael House  – Melissa Koerner – 10/31 Harvest Celebration brought out 16 Calvary volunteers.  RH will benefit from baby food drive on Christmas Eve.
    • International Mission and Refugee Assistance – Stephanie Gee – attended Interfaith Welcome Concert, Refuge Transitions Gala, ICE check in for Ke Lam. ICE Bond Hearing.
    • Martin De Porres/Raphael House Community Chefs – Reid Carter – Next volunteer event is in March.  Last RH Community Chef went very well.
    • Food Pantry – Betsy Dodd – 11/4 20 volunteers.  Q1 dates not yet set.
  • Poverty Partner Evaluations – Betsy Dodd – A review of each of our 4 focus partners was held.  In short, we are pleased with progress on all four relative to mission and volunteer opportunities. All will be supported in 2018.
  • Sanctuary Movement Update  – Stephanie Gee/Scott Nagelson – Stephanie Gee and Alexa Frankinberg are going to edit a monthly Sanctuary Newsletter detailing ways to get involved.

Fellowship – Adults  (Kathie Cheatham, chair)

  • Team met on Sunday, Nov.12 to establish 2018 dates for adult fellowship programs. Fellowship events are intended to nurture and/or create a closer connection between Calvary attendees, particularly in small group settings over meals.
  • Upcoming events:
    • Coffee Hour (52 Sundays in 2018)
    • Gospel Mass Choir reception on 1/28
    • Lenten Kick-Off Lunch on 2/18

Giving Mission Team (Greg Hausler, chair, and Robin Morjikian, Director of Development and Volunteer Engagement)

  • Calvary celebrated Giving Sunday on 11/19. The 2018 pledge goal is $1,300,000, in conjunction with increasing the number of giving units or pledging households (member and non-members) to 400.
  • As of 11/30, we have received $816,883 in pledges from 214 households.

Membership – New Members (Dale Barnes-Anderson, chair)

  • Seven new members were welcomed into Calvary membership when they presented their Statements of Faith to Session on Sunday November 12th, 2017.  They were recognized during worship on that same day.
  • Next new member class will begin Friday night, 3/2

Membership – Nurture & Database (Ellen Champlin, chair)

  • Recommended 23 members to be moved from active to inactive status  due to little interest, moves, and membership transfers

Worship & Music (Jennifer Miller, chair)

  • Children’s Choir Director Kelly Crandell is working positively and naturally with both younger and older children; pleased to see how well the children and youth have responded to his leadership
  • Experimented with opening the sanctuary for contemplation for a few hours after the Las Vegas shootings; will do so again during Advent and possibly Lent
  • Special services and events:
    • On 12/10, the annual “Charlie Brown Christmas” featuring the Dave Scott Quartet and the Children and Youth Ensemble (singers and instrumentalists)
    • On 12/20, the “Longest Night” contemplative service
    • On 12/15, the Calvary Choir concert
    • Calvary will host the NorCal Gospel Mass choir concert on 1/28 at 5 pm; the concert and fellowship afterwards are a bridge building opportunity


Respectfully submitted,

Lois Dress, Clerk of Session