“Plenty of Room in the Family”

William & Gloria Gaither (1974)
Phoebe Rosquist, Celeste Winant, Michael Conley, Jefferson Packer, quartet

Plenty of room in the family,
Room for the young and the old;
Plenty of happiness, plenty of love,
Plenty of room in the fold.

Plenty of food at the table,
No need to economize there;
There’s all you can hold and there’s plenty besides,
And the storehouse will never be bare.

There’s lots to be done in the family,
a job to fit every man;
There’s caring and lifting and loving to do,
So pitch in and help all you can.

If you’re lonely and looking for friendship,
If you’re lost and you want to be found;
There’s plenty of room in the family of God,
And there’s plenty of love to go ’round.

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