May 30 Worship Service


Trinity Sunday

On Trinity Sunday, we hold up the idea that God exists in community and God made us to exist in community.

Trinity also means God exists in diversity. The very nature of God is diverse. Creator. Redeemer. Sustainer. Spirit. Word made flesh.

The three persons of God are in relationship with each other. Not a relationship of hierarchy. Or of separate divisions of labor. But a relationship of connectedness–of integral need of, and for, the other.

To confess that God is triune is to affirm that God exists in communion far deeper than the relationships and partnerships we know in our human experience. To confess that God is triune is to affirm our own need of deep and abiding connection with each other.


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The Premiere will start at 10 am and will show 3 approximately 3 minutes of Upcoming Events announcements and the Worship service will start immediately after. We look forward to you joining us!