Maundy Thursday Worship Service

What would you do?  What would you say?

What feeling, message, lesson, love song would you want to leave if you knew it was the last time?  On the night Jesus faces death, he does not seek revenge or resort to violence. Instead, he shows his disciples how to practice compassion.

Read or download the Maundy Thursday Worship Bulletin.

Staying Connected, Caring for Those in Need

In this time of physical separation, the church remains committed to supporting the Calvary community and its broader ministry in San Francisco. As we continue to be the church God calls us to be, please let us know if you are—or know someone who is—currently in self-quarantine, sick, or feeling isolated (415.346.3832, ext. 3).

Calvary needs your continued financial support – offering plate donations, pledge contributions and other financial gifts – to sustain these ministries and programs. While passing of the offering plate is on a temporary hiatus, you can make a pledge contribution or one-time donation at any time, just as you would on Sunday.