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Calvary’s exciting mission and vision for the future of building a vibrant community that is growing in impact, depth, and number needs YOU!

Committed and motivated volunteers are the lifeblood of this congregation.  And, there is a place for everyone!  Calvary is blessed with so many talented, amazing individuals with incredible life experiences and accomplishments. And, serving doesn’t take a huge commitment of time. Some jobs are just one day, such as mentoring a recent graduate on job interview tips and skills; some are ongoing, such as greeting new visitors 10 minutes before and after the Sunday evening Jazz service; some are monthly or quarterly, such as serving meals at Raphael House or the Martin de Porres soup kitchen.

Please join me today playing an active role in 2015 breaking the cycles of poverty by contributing your time and talents to the work of Calvary’s ministry and mission in the community.

We will present the many ways you can serve in the ministry life of Calvary during the church service or in Calvin Hall during the coffee hour throughout the year.  And you can check out the “Make a Difference” section of the Calvary website. And, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Calvary Deacon, an Elder, John, Victor, Joanne, or me to find out more!

Please join me in our shared ministry as an active steward working to realize Calvary’s vision in the community of God.

In blessings and gratitude,



Ellen Fetty

Elder, Recruitment and Engagement