New Series: Sexism and the Bible

The Education Commission of Calvary presents a series of Sunday Morning Seminars – “Becoming a Truly Welcoming Church”

The current series examines “Sexism and the Bible.”

While we might expect sexist behavior in our culture or even in our church, is there also sexism in the Bible itself?  Join us for a four week study on the Biblical world and how the ancient world understood what it meant to be a man, a woman, and a child.  This study will explore questions like:

  • What were some of the stereotypes of men, women, and children in the ancient world?
  • Was the Bible ahead of or behind the times in its views on the marginalized?
  • What were the purposes behind some of the passages instructing families how to behave towards each other?
  • How do we today engage with troubling passages in the Biblical text?

10/27 –“To Be a Man” – Introductory session giving background to the world of the New Testament and assumptions of what it meant to be a man, a woman and a child.

11/3   – “Submit!” – a look at ideal family relationships as seen through New Testament household codes.

11/10 – “Harlot or Virgin” – a look at stories about women found in the Gospels and Revelation.

11/17 – “Let the Little Children Come to Me” – a look at stories about children in the Gospels.

Taught by Kathy Joy Kihlstrom Timpte

Kathy Timpte is a PhD Candidate in the area of New Testament Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary. Her dissertation focuses on the liminal space that children represent in the book of Mark, paying special attention to Jesus’ words about children as model recipients of the kingdom of God in Mark 10. Kathy also holds a M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as a BA in Philosophy from Wheaton College, and she is passionate about teaching courses that allow students to engage intellectually with the Biblical text. Kathy lives in Martinez, CA with her husband Ryan, Director of Children’s Ministry at a local Presbyterian church, and their dog Roxas.

Fall Series Events

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Future “Becoming a Truly Welcoming Church” series will include “LGBTQ Issues and the Church” in November/December.