Make a Difference Monday

Calvary Leaders Learn About Breaking Cycles of Poverty from United Way Bay Area COO Eric McDonnell

Eric McDonnell COO and EVP of United Way Bay Area meets with Calvary Presbyterian leaders Feb. 9 2014

Eric McDonnell, COO and EVP of United Way Bay Area, met with Calvary leaders yesterday to talk about breaking cycles of poverty

Calvary is working to learn how to best invest volunteer hours and other resources to help break cycles of poverty in San Francisco. Yesterday Eric McDonnell, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of United Way of the Bay Area, inspired and challenged our leaders.

From Eric’s United Way bio:

“I grew up in poverty, living in public housing, facing the everyday challenges of making ends meet. Like a debilitating illness, poverty can rob an individual, a family, and a community of material, mental and emotional hope. So, United Way’s campaign to end poverty is important to me personally, because I know the struggle. Professionally, I am blessed to be in a position to give back and help break the cycle of poverty that exists in our community.”

Meetings like this help Calvary determine how to set priorities, including what volunteer opportunities to pursue for all of us. Here are our current crop of Make a Difference Now volunteer opportunities.

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