A Living Mission Statement

Like many of you, I have spent more than my share of time in retreats and planning meetings to carefully craft mission statements. Companies I worked for in the dot-com days spent countless hours deciding how to help clients “Synergistically Gain Mindshare.” After all of that time and thought, a mission statement would often end up in a file or buried on a website.

With input from many of you and Calvary’s Deacons and Elders, we too have a new mission statement: “To be a welcoming community, living the Christian faith in word and action”

Plenty of churches and pastors talk a good game. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I struggle to practice what I preach just hours after . . . well, preaching.

It is difficult to balance word and action.

Underlying this mission statement is a vision for Calvary to grow in impact, number and depth:

  • Impact: We will focus mission service, influence and funds to help break cycles of poverty in the city and the world. Our goal is to involve 500 Calvary members and friends in at least 4 hours of service beyond the church walls each year. In addition to service, we will work to double mission giving to 20 percent of the operating budget.
  • Number: We have set a goal of welcoming at least 300 new active people (members and friends) into the Calvary community by 2016, including worship attendance doubling from last year’s 300 average to 600 people per week. We’re off to a strong start, with attendance approaching an average of 400 per week.
  • Depth: New and existing people need a strong community beyond Sunday for Calvary to truly become their church home. To that end, we will work to start at least 24 new small groups of 8-12 people each by 2016.

Whether you are a longtime member or a new person considering checking us out,  I invite you to consider how your life’s mission in Christ connects with the exciting and growing ministries at Calvary. We will need your involvement to bring this mission statement to life.

With Gratitude,

John Weems

Pastor and Head of Staff