A Fresh Start

Way back in the 90s when Netscape stock was something people really wanted, having a website was a really big deal. Around that time, I was pretty proud when I bought a url (web address) when our first son was born, and put up some pictures to share with families.

Though times have changed, and websites can be a dime-a-dozen, we are proud to introduce you to Calvary’s new one. We will be expanding our presence on social media, print, and around the church building on Fillmore, but the website is a great opportunity to learn about the latest Calvary news and share it with friends. Under the direction of Calvary staffers Candice Bottomley and Rachel Wolf, and produced by Rassak Experience, we are focusing on three key words:

Faith, Community & Action.

It is very easy for church people to talk about the love of Jesus, but much harder to live it. From our website to church on Sundays to using our lives to have an impact in the City and the world, we will make every effort to walk the walk.

In my first six months, I have had the opportunity to meet several hundred members and friends of Calvary. From the newest visitors to those of you who have worshipped and served at the church for decades, I am hearing a consistent desire to grow in faith, deepen a sense of community, and take action to serve those in need in the city and the world.

As you click around this site, you will learn about some of the ways the Calvary community is putting faith in action, and opportunities for you to join in. Moving forward in our newsletters, online tools, and worship services, we’ll be seeking to share stories of the ways faith is transforming lives.

I invite you to consider the words of Christ as he reunited with his disciples after the resurrection: “As Father has sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21)

Christ’s call extends to us today, calling us to do more than use words about love. As we seek to grow in number and spiritual maturity, our actions as individuals and as a congregation speak volumes to those who have yet to sit in a pew at Calvary. May each of us accept the call to be sent, and be evidence of light in the world.

Yours in Christ,

John Weems, Pastor