Alden Gilchrist Dec. 17, 1930 – Sept. 1, 2014

Dear Calvary Community–

With heavy hearts, we share that our beloved Music Director Alden Gilchrist passed away yesterday, September 1, 2014. He felt blessed to know how many of you loved him and were praying for him.


A sketch of Alden and choir by Kimberley Jones

Words are far from adequate to express how much he means to thousands in the Calvary community and around the world. As recently as this past Friday, Alden was still composing music, discussing theology and charming everyone he encountered. We will share as many of his compositions and favorite pieces of sacred music as we grieve and celebrate his life together.

Alden’s designated loved ones will be spending the next several days processing and praying through this time of mourning.

A formal service will be announced when they are ready to proceed.

In the meantime, we invite you to listen to a favorite piece of music or perhaps have a glass of red wine in Alden’s honor. Feel free too leave a comment here or on our Facebook post remembering Alden.