Calvary Communications Guidelines

Calvary Communications Guidelines

Calvary has an ambitious vision and goals in 2014 and beyond.  In order to reach our goals, we have mapped out some guidelines to ensure our communications and outreach to the church, the community and the world is aligned and focused to support our target impact, depth, and growth objectives.


We will focus mission service, influence, and funds to help break cycles of poverty in the city and the world. By Dec. 2016, more than 500 Calvary members and friends will participate each year. The church’s Mission giving will double from 10 to 20 percent of total operating budget.


We will create a culture of deep Christian relationships extending beyond Sunday. By 2016, at least 24 new small groups (8-12 people/each) of Calvary members and friends of all ages will experience social, service and study opportunities.


By Dec. 2016, we will welcome 300 new active people (members and friends) into the Calvary community. Worship attendance will double to include more than 600 people per week.

Submission Guidelines:

1)      Communications content should support one of the three core objectives above

2)      Communications content should embody and bolster the core values at the heart of Calvary: Love ~ Inclusivity ~ Grace ~ Hope ~ Spiritual Depth ~ Justice ~ Curiosity

3)      Messaging prioritization criteria:

  1. High impact—Strategic, can directly and immediately impact growth, depth, or number objectives; broadly impacts the congregation or community; clear call to action within specific timeline; likely to attract at least 30% beyond Calvary community, with a minimum of 150 attendees
  2. Medium impact—Supports growth, depth, or number objectives, impacts a select group of the congregation or community; optional action by specific timeline; likely to attract at least 15% beyond the Calvary community, with a minimum of 50 attendees
  3. Select impact—Has limited impact on core objectives, informational announcement that impacts a select group (process, organization, or system update); optional action by specific timeline; likely to attract 5% or less beyond the Calvary community with less than 50 attendees



Communications Vehicles and Schedule

Vehicles available to us at Calvary to communicate and promote (The level of impact will inform appropriate vehicle to consider for communication.)

Communications Vehicle
Frequency & Submission Requirements
Connections Newsletter Monthly, content due first Friday of each month prior
Website Allow two weeks from date of submission to render
Updates during worship service (FOM)  Allow minimum six weeks in advance for review for consideration
Worship Service bulletin Weekly, content due Tuesday prior
Weekly email blast Allow two weeks from date of submission
Facebook Allow minimum one week from submission to post
Reception table during coffee hour in Calvin Hall or atrium Allow one week from submission to set up
Blog Allow minimum two weeks from date of submission to render