A Brief Update and Revised Timeline from the Continuity Team

At the December 3 meeting of Calvary’s Session, the Continuity Team proposed a slightly revised timeline for concluding its work and making a recommendation to Session regarding Calvary’s leadership needs for the future.  As you know, we have several new Session members, who were elected in the fall and will begin serving their terms on January 1.  It seems prudent to allow some additional time for those new members, in particular, to receive and hear more information about the process we have used and for all Session members to think about whether there is anything else that would help inform their deliberations about these important decisions.


January 9­ – Special Session meeting.  The Continuity Team will provide analysis of input from interviews with longer-term members; discuss the process we have taken, including earlier analysis of input from congregational forums and interviews with newer members; assess what additional information Session might need to make a decision, with special attention paid to information needed by incoming Session members.


February 6 – ­Session meeting.  Decision to be made whether to continue with a three-pastor staff (as we had during John Weems’ ministry as Head of Staff) or to reduce our pastoral leadership to two pastors ­ with an understanding of the budget considerations as well as the mission and growth implications. A two-pastor model could be a Head of Staff and an Associate Pastor, a Co-Pastor model, or some other leadership model.


After February 6 Session meeting, communication to congregation of the decision and encouragement of all members of Calvary to attend the Annual Meeting of the congregation to get more information/background/understanding of the decisions made.


March 11 – ­Annual Meeting of the congregation to include presentation of the rationale for the decision, the impact to Calvary’s ministries and programs, and the implications for mission, budget, giving, next steps, etc.


We continue to welcome your comments.  Please send comments or questions via email to continuity@calpres.org or you may reach out to any member of the Continuity Team.

Marion Stanton (co-chair)
Scott Nagelson (co-chair)
Lois Dress
Priscilla Dwyer
Greg Hausler
Dave McDowell
Jennifer Miller
Jack Poindexter
Randy Schroeder
David Foster (staff)
Robin Morjikian (staff)