Announcement for August 20 – Marion Stanton

Good morning.  I’m here this morning on behalf of my co-chair, Scott Nagelson, and the entire Continuity Team.  We need your help as we continue our work to help our Session plan for the future of Calvary.

I know many of us are still feeling unsettled in the wake of John Weems’ decision to move on from his position as our Head of Staff.  And we certainly honor the many emotions you are feeling.  At the same time, we are hopeful that we can move forward as a congregation and make plans for our future.

In order to do that, we need your help.  We are advised by many—church and business people alike—that before we can make decisions about staffing for the future (among other things), we need to be clear about our mission:  What is God calling Calvary to be and do at this time in our 163-year history?  And we are seeking your input as we try to answer that question.

We will have two forums—the first one is next Sunday, at 11:30, and the second will be on September 10, Homecoming Sunday, at 1 pm, right after the all church potluck.  You can also send your comments to  But we really encourage you to attend one of the forums if at all possible, to engage in a facilitated conversation with other members of the congregation on this question:  What are we called to be and do as the church of Jesus Christ in San Francisco today?

Once we have clarity of our mission, Session can weigh all of the factors that will affect how we move forward in service to that mission.

So please attend.  Next week at 11:30 or September 10 at 1 o’clock.  I hope to see you there.