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Though Calvary has been a vibrant church since the Gold Rush days, we are looking ahead with great anticipation. We will work to honor the past and include new ideas, some of which will look nothing like the stereotypical church.

We believe that Jesus said “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,”  he wasn’t simply referring to people sitting in church pews. Seeking to follow him into the world, we have an exciting vision and invite you to be a part of our growth in impact, depth and number:


We will focus mission service, influence and funds to help break cycles of poverty in San Francisco and the world.


We will create a culture of deep Christian relationships extending beyond Sunday. Calvary is a place where faith meets the realities of life that dominate our lives outside of the church sanctuary.


New people are coming to Calvary every single week. Young and old, spiritual seekers and long-time church attenders–all in one community. It is an exciting time, and all are welcome!



Not just a warm and fuzzy feeling, but a deep selfless care for others


Saying all are welcome, and living like we mean it


It’s not just a song, but forgiving and living as Jesus did


Reassurance that light overcomes darkness, and we can be a part of it

Spiritual Depth

We value expanding our minds, as well as nurturing our hearts


Challenging structures that oppress, and stepping up to be part of the solution


Because God isn’t done with us, and the church always needs new ideas