2015 Refugee Crisis Statement

From the Session of Calvary Presbyterian Church
San Francisco, California
November 21, 2015
As believers in God’s commandment to love our brothers and
sisters as ourselves, and as citizens of a nation with welcome and
compassion at its historical heart, we offer this statement on the
current global refugee crisis:
Every refugee is a child of God. Whatever nationality, religion or
ethnicity, every refugee deserves respect and care.
While we respect and understand concerns about personal and
national security, we believe the suffering and desperation of those
fleeing war requires an urgent and loving response.
It is with these convictions, and in the determination to follow the
teachings of Jesus, that we commit our energies, time and
resources to helping all of God’s children seeking refuge in these
troubled times.


If you are interested in donating resources to the Presbyterian Disaster Relief effort around this crisis, please click here.